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The plain of Catania, luxuriant in all its splendor, is considered one of the most fertile plains in the Mediterranean.

With its strategic position and favorable climatic conditions, the populations that inhabited and dominated our island have contributed to the growth of the Etna plain and of the whole of Sicily.

The Plain of Catania is the largest plain in Sicily (its surface is 482 km²). The continuous accumulation of debris from Simeto, Dittaino and Gornalunga, has allowed the formation of this important territory in the Catania area.

Inside the “Chiana” are the Simeto Oasis, the Etna Park, as well as the Aci Trezza reserve.

Our “Chiana” has an important predisposition to the cultivation of citrus fruits. The typical Sicilian Red Oranges originate here: the mild climate of the area has created  this sweet citrus fruit wit a unique taste, color and health properties in the world.